Trauma Informing Suicide Prevention Webinar with Leah Harris

Check out this great webinar presented by Leah Harris, MA titled Trauma Informing Suicide Prevention: Science, Stories and Strategies.   

Leah Harris, M.A., is a mother and advocate and suicide attempt survivor who has written and spoken widely about her experiences of trauma, addiction, serious mental health challenges, and resilience. She serves as a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s Consumer/Survivor Subcommittee and is a member of the Zero Suicide Initiative Faculty. 

Potential for Growth: Recovery after Suicide Attempt

Post-Traumatic Growth in Action

Hear from three inspirational people with lived experience how they transformed their experiences into helping other people.

Dr. DeQuincy Lezine, Dr. Ursula Whiteside, and David Measel, CPS, COAPS

Hope, Healing & Resilience: Two Perspectives

My Child Wants to Die

Check out this great webinar from Maureen Underwood, LSCW for parents who have a suicidal child. Maureen Underwood is the co-creator of  Lifelines: A Suicide Prevention Program, an Evidence-Based whole-school program listed on the SPRC Best Practices Registry  and developed  developing an online suicide awareness course, Making Educators Partners in Youth Suicide Prevention. Listed on the Best Practice Registry and specifically designed for school staff and educators.

How to Get Through 13 Reasons Why with DeQuincy Lezine, PhD

What We Know About Stigma & Suicide with Dr. Pescosolido

Speaking About Shame Builds Resilience & Recovery

Check out this great webinar with Cynthia Mulder, LCSW, Director of Education and Training at The Menninger Clinic.

This webinar covers the difference between guilt, shame, and embarrassment, how shame contributes to self-destructive behavior such as bullying, suicide, self-harm, etc., and how to recognize the presence of shame and practice self-compassion.