New Course for Families of Suicidal People

Every year OVER A MILLION high school boys & girls attempt suicide in the US. ANOTHER MILLION adults attempt suicide in the US every year. Has someone in your family attempted suicide? If so,  you are not alone.

Families are desperately seeking answers that are terribly difficult to find:

- Do we talk about the suicide attempt? 

- What is a good thing to say?

- What would just make everything worse? 

- Are they going to try again? 

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About Heidi Bryan Consulting


Heidi has been working in the suicide prevention field since 1998 as an advocate, QPR Master Trainer, speaker, and author.  Heidi founded Feeling Blue Suicide Prevention Council in 1998 which is now known as Prevent Suicide Pennsylvania. She served on the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Suicide Attempt Survivor Task Force, and is currently on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Consumer Survivor Committee. 


Heidi Bryan has battled with depression most of her life, is a suicide attempt survivor and lost her brother to suicide in 1995.  In 1998 with the help of her minister, Rev. Douglas Scott of St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Radnor, PA, Heidi started an outreach committee called Feeling Blue Suicide Prevention Committee.  In 2002 nonprofit status was obtained and the name was changed to Feeling Blue Suicide Prevention Council and was recognized throughout Pennsylvania and nationally.  Heidi is a pioneer in speaking out about her lived experience with suicide, suicide loss,   alcoholism, depression and PTSD.


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Do You Know What to Expect After a Suicide Attempt?

The first days, weeks, even months after a suicide attempt can be stressful and frightening.  I've created a roadmap to help you understand what to expect.

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